Cornelia H., age 26, North Carolina

Sewed some on one shirt today. Fannie & Jinnie at work at the wool. Mr. Henry staid at the mill nearly all day. Much warmer today than yesterday, the snow will nearly all melt today except on the North hill sides. My little ones are barefooted this cold weather. Pinck has boots but has a sore toe & can’t wear them. His toe looks very bad. Willie has some old shoes for he has worn shoes all summer but little Zona is perfectly barefooted. We have some nice goat skins to make them shoes but don’t know when I can get them made as old Presley is making for the negroes. Peter went to the machine today after the soles. He tells us that Sister Jane stays in Asheville tonight & will leave in the morning for Ten. I think she might have given us a call. Mr. Henry has been out all day riding. Steph. Jones starts Thursday to sell Mr. Henry’s hogs for him or buy corn to feed on.

*(Fear in North Carolina: The Civil War Journals and Letters of the Henry Family, Eds. Karen L. Clinard and Richard Russell, used with permission.)

Henry S., age 26, Michigan

Worked up some wood this morning and drew it up to the house.  Made some steps to the cellar and threw a lot of dirt on its roof.  Taught my classes at the College this afternoon.  It rained some this evening when I was coming come.  I am becoming dissatisfied with my place here and want to go out somewhere else in the world.  I whish I could sell the farm and go to come Penman’s school.

*(R. Henry Scadin Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, UNC Asheville)

Laura M., age 15, North Carolina

Zach got mad at me 4 giving Tim lunch $ yesterday. But he got over it. He’s so jealous. Found out Cara broke up with Chris. Went 2 Juice Shop after school with Zach, Justin and Ashley. Mom came at 3:00. Had dentist at 3:45. Tom was there! Funny. Came home and did homework. Talked 2 Brittany. Talked 2 Karen. Had guitar lesson. Dinner.

Laura M., age 14, North Carolina

It was so hard waking up this morning. But my school day went by fast. Found out Shannon told Alex P. about what me and Courtney did. God, how stupid is she?! Didn’t talk to her all day. Came home. Did homework and slept. Karen wrote me! Sean called me, but I don’t think he really did it ’cause he wanted to — but because he promised. Wrote him, Karen, and Katie. May be over him…

Marcy S., age 50, North Carolina

Lord, what does it mean to rest in You, to give up all self-effort? I can imagine being able to do this if I lived alone and had no problems of relationship. I guess self-effort means trying to change another person or a situation without asking Your guidance.

O Lord, It is so hard to live with Harold and watch him destroying himself, body and mind and spirit, too, I’m sure. He can’t face a single day without alcohol and we both live in an unreal world of ignoring this fact.

I’ve tried, maybe not hard enough, to love him in bed with Your love, Lord, but fail more often than I succeed. It’s not so much the physical and repulsion, although that enters in, as the unreality of our whole relationship. I’ve tried to talk to him about this but he can’t hear what I’m saying — I don’t think he can face anything that threatens his use of alcohol.

Lord, I can cook his meals and even prepare his favorite foods, I can keep his clothes clean and ironed, I can read and proof-read Cross Talk, but I cannot seem to give him my body. Am I still not willing to give up my right to myself? If only I could tell Harold how I feel without coming across holier-than-thou or judgmental — there doesn’t seem to be any way. Oh Lord, I want him to glorify You, I want him to know the unspeakable joy of Your reality.

I’m going to try to write him a letter and I pray, Lord, that Your Holy Spirit will lead me and speak to him through me.

Samuel P., age 27, London

(Lord’s day). There came some pills and plaister this morning from Dr. Williams for my wife.

I to Westminster Abbey, where with much difficulty, going round by the cloysters, I got in; this day being a great day for the consecrating of five Bishopps, which was done after sermon; but I could not get into Henry the Seventh’s chappell. So I went to my Lord’s, where I dined with my Lady, and my young Lord, and Mr. Sidney, who was sent for from Twickenham to see my Lord Mayor’s show to-morrow. Mr. Child did also dine with us.

After dinner to White Hall chappell; my Lady and my Lady Jemimah and I up to the King’s closet (who is now gone to meet the Queen). So meeting with one Mr. Hill, that did know my Lady, he did take us into the King’s closet, and there we did stay all service-time, which I did think a great honour.

We went home to my Lord’s lodgings afterwards, and there I parted with my Lady and went home, where I did find my wife pretty well after her physic. So to bed.

*(The Diary of Samuel Pepys M.A. F.R.S., edited by Henry B. Wheatley F.S.A., London, George Bell & Sons York St. Covent Garden, Cambridge Deighton Bell & Co., 1893.)

Henry S., age 25, Michigan

It rained a good deal last night and we did no husking today. Pa and I went to Ann Arbor this forenoon and got Rock. We saw Mr. Holmes training a wild Kentucky horse. Kate came home to Missy meeting but went back again. I practiced Penmanship tonight.

*(R. Henry Scadin Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, UNC Asheville)