William B., age 19, P.O.W. in Virginia

Serg Fink being ordered to give me my coat + he having given it away to an Officer in the Barracks as he said gave me a poor substitute in its place of poor material of thin but to make up for its thinness he also gave me a sack of wollen [sic] material. News today gives me great concern as I see a large force under Genl Warren have left in front of Petersburg + started for near my home Weldon N.C. Genl Vance received Genl Beales circular today about furnishing Confed officers with clothing Blankets + C+C + he had the chiefs of divisions in his room to make arrangements about it. Weather very cold but as they gave us plenty of coal to burn we did not suffer so much at night. Received a letter from Uncle David dated 10th just. Was called out in the PM to get my coat they had detained from my Uncle having written to Genl Schopf about it but though the Serg Fink had promised to keep it for me he had given it away the day after he made the promise + I only got what I have previously written.  *(William Hyslop Summer Burgwyn Private Collection, North Carolina State Archives)