Laura M., age 15, North Carolina
December 13, 1997

Sandra picked me up and I worked rom 9-4. Closed with Meri and Brian. Dad came. Showered. Took a nap. Ate and decorated the X-mas tree. Slept with Becca.

Laura M., age 14, North Carolina
December 13, 1996

I can’t believe it. My last full week at Apex. Yes…….. School was okay. Got Leaf Project back and it was a 26! 🙁 Geeze… Went to Janna’s for about 20 minutes. Came home, chased Oreo in the house, watched the story. Had pizza. Audie and Renee invited me to spend the night, but I was at “Xmas Carol.”

Laura M., age 13, North Carolina
December 13, 1995

Sean made me kind of mad today. I gave him a note in 5th period, and told him to write back. He also got a note from Meri then, but he wrote her back, instead. He had 15 minutes left in class, but he just sat there. Everything’s cool now, though. Shannon came with me today. Me and Mom put lights on the house. Took me to group. Dad picked me up. Came to Dad’s, ate dinner, got in shower. Blowdried my hair.

Marcy S., age 47, North Carolina
December 13, 1971

I just reread my vow to write a positive thought each day — which I haven’t done, but I have been thinking more positively and repeating to myself “Trust the Holy Spirit.” Someone who signed himself (or herself) “Lonely and Lost” had written Ann Landers a confidential letter. Her answer was that he needed to lose himself in something bigger than himself.

Maybe this Christmas can be different if I really concentrate on other people’s happiness. The more I think about others the less time I’ll have to fall into the trap of depression that took all the joy out of last Christmas.

Anna L., age 76, Illinois
December 13, 1960

Mary Ann came Tuesday nite. I had cleaned and picked up everything but last minute things. Over to Carries with papers. Saw Mrs. B. as usual. I had taken tree in and later got it in hall. Had to straighten it a little and decorate it, no lites.

Louisa P., age 69, North Carolina
December 13, 1919

Cold. Windy and disagreeable. Fine day for work – and accomplished a good deal. Anna is going to paint a face on a rag doll for the Grays.  *(Louisa Pitkin Diary #M2003.5.1, D. Hiden Ramsey Library Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville)

Henry S., age 26, Michigan
December 13, 1887

Did some pen work this forenoon.  Richard Robins and wife came just about noon and made us a visit; I had to leave them and go to my teaching this afternoon.  After school Mr. Harvey and I went over to the store and got a transom window belonging above the door to my room and put it in place also fixing the stovepipe.  I practiced flourishing this evening, and finished a piece of Pen work for Mr. Montgomery, which is to hang in the post office window.

*(R. Henry Scadin Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, UNC Asheville)

Henry S., age 25, Michigan
December 13, 1886

I have been sick all day and have been a bed most of the time, am so weak I can hardly write. It has been storming most of the day. Henry was here tonight. It is getting cold again. *(R. Henry Scadin Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, UNC Asheville)

Abbie B., age 21, Pennsylvania
December 13, 1870

Why don’t you write Mattie, or are you sick?  I am so out of humor, or depressed in spirits, that I almost wish the prairie winds would blow me away.  Bell went up home today to sew on Rhodas machine, she is making a dress for her self.

*(, Kansas State Historical Society, copy and reuse restrictions apply)

Cornelia H., age 31, North Carolina
December 13, 1867

I finished the children’s pants some snow last night. Mr Henry moved the eating table in my room as it is very cold in the dining room for children. The children did  not go to school this morning as it was so cold.  *(Henry Family Papers, 1837-1911, North Carolina Room, Pack Library, Asheville, NC)

William B., age 19, P.O.W. in Virginia
December 13, 1864

Wrote Cousin Minnie Anderson yesterday. No news from Genl. Warren + the Yankees are anxious about him. May God let his column be destroyed before it reaches Weldon.  No news from Sherman. Weather cold but moderate towards night + rained during the night. Many officers enjoyed themselves sliding on the ice formed in the pens. Put up a Notice about my coat but could not hear anything of it. *(William Hyslop Summer Burgwyn Private Collection, North Carolina State Archives)

Cornelia H., age 26, North Carolina
December 13, 1862

Finished the dresses & washed the children & put them on in the evening. They look very well for the colors. I looked for Mr. Henry all the evening. He did not come. I wish he would. Betsey did not weave any. After dinner went home, will be back Sunday evening or Monday morning. I am very tired this evening. I have done sundry mending tonight & knit some. Sam & the others have killed three hogs this week. They were not very fat.

*(Fear in North Carolina: The Civil War Journals and Letters of the Henry Family, Eds. Karen L. Clinard and Richard Russell, used with permission.)

Cornelia H., age 25, North Carolina
December 13, 1861

Mail came & nothing new. Rather cold. I got no letters. Finished another old dress today in the evening. Fannie cooked some meat & baked biscuits for them to take on the road. Taylor & Knight got back at dark to start tomorrow. Jim Parker came also but no Jim yet. Fannie cooked some chitlans this evening. Mr. Henry is very fond of them.

*(Fear in North Carolina: The Civil War Journals and Letters of the Henry Family, Eds. Karen L. Clinard and Richard Russell, used with permission.)