Parallel Entries collects diary and journal excerpts that were written by different people on the same date across the years. I created it because I’ve always been fascinated by the private, written musings of other people. The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath is one of my favorite books. I grew up watching my father write in his diary every day without fail. I myself have kept a consistent journal since I  was eighteen. And recently I acquired two boxes of my late grandmother’s diaries, which is one of the greatest, most profound material gifts I’ve ever received.

In an age where bloggers abound, we’ve become accustomed to reading others’ thoughts. But all of those thoughts were written with an audience in mind. Diary and journal writing is a different animal altogether, and I fear it’s a dying art. So this is my attempt to honor and preserve that art. I also hope that Parallel Entries will help those who contribute to it — and those who are content with simply reading it — feel closer to their fellow human beings.

~Sarah Simpson, Curator/Editor